Programma sabato 14

10.30 Introduzione e saluti istituzionali


11.00 The sidewalk and the smart city. Stories of sensors, photographs, submarines, and robots

Lecture di Gabriele Ferri (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) [IN INGLESE]

ABSTRACT: Our cities are becoming more complex and technological. There are sensors tracking traffic, air pollution, pedestrians moving on sidewalks, parking spots, or cars running a red light. But “smart cities” will not really be at a human scale until they also become playable. Playing in public areas is a way to make them more livable, social, inclusive, and innovative: what are the best examples of “games for smart cities”? [VIDEO]


12.00 Convey meaning with text messages: Bury Me, My Love and

Lecture di Florent Maurin (Le Pixel Hunt) [IN INGLESE]

ABSTRACT: Today, a huge part of our lives are stored in our phones. We cherish our devices and take them with us anywhere we go. So why not use this intimate bond to convey important stories? In this talk, Florent Maurin analyses two projects that explore text message based storytelling to tell the plight of modern-days refugees (Bury Me, My Love) and the importance of a museum of civilization ( for Le Muceum). [VIDEO]


13.00 Pausa pranzo


14.30 Dalla cultura popolare al videogame: Football Drama e Hundred Days

Conversazione con Pietro Polsinelli (Open Lab Games) ed Elisa Farinetti (Broken Arms Games) [VIDEO]


15.30 Myths, legends and tourism in the psychological horror game Someday You’ll Return

Lecture di Jan Kavan (CBE Software) [IN INGLESE]

ABSTRACT: Someday You’ll Return is a psychological horror game which geographically draws its inspiration from combination of two real world regions of the Czech Republic – North Bohemia and South Moravia; the places of our childhood. The talk will be focused on how we incorporate local history, legends, folklore but also real world locations and unique touristic navigation system, which is one of the most advanced systems on the planet. [VIDEO]


16.30 L’Emilia-Romagna nei videogiochi: esperienze in regione

Conversazione con Stefano Rossitto (Madit Entertainment), Mauro Guerra (ex sindaco di San Leo), Lara Oliveti (Melazeta), Giancarlo Bechicchi (Innovative Management) [VIDEO]


18.00 Aperitivo Networking