Programma domenica 15

10.00 Educare al territorio, divulgare il patrimonio

Conversazione con  Elisabetta Modena (Accademia di Belle Arti SantaGiulia), Federica Pascotto & Giovanna Hirsch (Art Stories), Rosy Nardone (Università di Bologna)


11.00 Designing Serious Games on Contemporary History

Lecture di Vít Šisler (Charles University) [IN INGLESE]

ABSTRACT: The talk will critically discuss the possibilities and limitations of video games in dealing with contentious issues from contemporary history. It stems from the speaker’s experience of being a lead game designer of Attentat 1942, an award- winning video game about the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia. The talk will revisit the challenges designers faced when they based the game on real historical events and testimonies. Furthermore, the talk will discuss the upcoming game Svoboda 1945 that deals with the WWII aftermath.


12.00 Videogiochi e musei: quale direzione?

Conversazione con Paola Desantis (Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Ferrara – Polo Museale Emilia-Romagna), Antonella Pinna (Servizio Musei, Archivi e Biblioteche Regione Umbria), Maurizio Amoroso (Entertainment Game Apps), Michele Scioscia (Effenove)


13.00 Pausa pranzo


14.30 Unexpectedly Italian: glimpses of another Italy in Santa Ragione’s games

Lecture di Pietro Righi Riva (Santa Ragione) [IN INGLESE]

ABSTRACT: An overview of Santa Ragione’s past and future projects and how they tell a different story from the Italian stereotypes in American productions. We will talk about themes and techniques, but also about the unexpected collaborations that have allowed this small Milanese studio to stand out and leverage its cultural origins.


15.30 Industria, audiovisivo e turismo: il pixel della situazione

Conversazione con Stefania Ippoliti (Italian Film Commissions), Fabio Abagnato (Emilia-Romagna Film Commission), Adriano Bizzoco (AESVI), Andrea Dresseno (IVIPRO)