In a global context where videogames acquire an increasing relevance – not only from an economic but also cultural point of view, it is important to understand and develop the full potential of a medium which continues to be underestimated. Videogames have shown that they can handle social, historical and political themes in an extremely efficient and natural way.

The Italian Videogame Program (IVIPRO) has been created because of the awareness that videogames have an incredible emotional power, a match for other media. On similar level to literature and cinema, videogames are a vehicle for narration and stories that mix fiction and reality. Videogames are also a creative tool with which authors can develop and players experience: an extraordinary imagination machine.

Videogames can become the way to discover the world that surrounds us. Italy has an historic, architectural and urban heritage that is simply boundless. This heritage can be promoted through the development of videogames set in Italy or focused on Italian culture.