Monteriggioni and Assassin’s Creed II, eight years later

An interview with Alberto Coco, marketing manager of Ubisoft Italia, and Raffaella Senesi, mayor of Monteriggioni. It has been eight years now since the release of Assassin’s Creed II and some interesting facts have come to light regarding the impact that Ubisoft’s title had on the Tuscany village.

“It was a dark night when the Canadian team from Montréal passed by the Fortress of Monteriggioni in a van. A heavy rain had caught them leaving Rome and never stopped during their trip; just near Monteriggioni the rain turned into a threatening storm. It was kind of hard to go on. Consequently, the team – which included the creative director Patrice Désilets and the screenwriter Corey May – found themselves in Monteriggioni. They saw the high walls encircling the town like a crown, the towers, the inner village. They couldn’t help from falling in love with it”. Read the article (in Italian).