The IVIPRO Collection


Preserving video games heritage

IVIPRO aims at both spreading video game culture and enhancing the cultural potential of video games: so far, two largely unexplored perspectives in Italy.
The IVIPRO Collection creates: (a) a resource for spreading gaming literacy and culture, (b) preserving video games as an essential requirement for developing further knowledge of the medium. Through such an ever-expanding collection, IVIPRO intends to contribute to gaming heritage preservation in Italy.


By furthering IVIPRO’s mission, the collection focuses on:

          • video games inspired by real stories, characters, and places (not limited to the Italian ones);
          • video games that deal with the cultural heritage in the broadest sense;
          • video games that are significant from either the history of the medium or thematic/gameplay reasons.


1. Why preserving video games?
Video games have now a long history – it is, therefore, pivotal to prevent losing parts of such a vast and significant gaming heritage.

2. Is the collection physically accessible?
Not for now but we are planning to make it accessible in a dedicated physical space soon.

3. What kind of formats are stored?
We always try to preserve games in a physical format or DRM-free (if digital). When this is not possible, we also rely on DRM-protected digital games.

4. Can I contribute to the collection?
Of course, you can! If you are willing to donate games (that are relevant to the aims of the collection) you are free to do so. Send us an email!

5. When will the list of collected games be available?
We are now cataloguing the material already collected. A comprehensive list of the collected games will be available soon on this page and constantly updated.


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