What We Do

The activities of the Cultural Association IVIPRO are all dedicated to the dissemination of video game culture and to the enhancement of the Italian territory and heritage through videogames. The Association has structured a series of paths which aim to promote and stimulate this process of diffusion and rediscovery of our culture, both nationally and on the international stage. In keeping with its nature, the Association supports itself mainly with calls, donations and public funding, but it also offers a series of services aimed to spread and promote its purposes.


To the game developers

Our database (available soon in English) of Italian stories and locations is available to anyone looking for a narrative spark for their work. We’re available to carry out research and in-depth studies tied to Italian historical, territorial and cultural themes.
In the case of videogames set in Italy or focused on Italian culture, we facilitate contact between developers and the appropriate Institutions/Film Commissions.


To public autorithies, cultural institutions and museums

We provide support in drafting announcements and managing direct commissions for all those institutions interested in using videogames to share and promote the Italian cultural heritage. We also support public authorities in writing tourist routes and ad hoc editorial content.
We set up conferences, training courses and in-depth talks targeting both the general public, institutions, cultural associations as well as cultural, creative, and educational operators.
To find out if an Italian region has been the setting of a videogame, you can consult our game map.


To schools and individuals

We organise educational programmes and workshops, both theoretical and practical, targeting both primary and secondary school students, as well as private individuals interested in furthering their knowledge of the medium.