The IVIPRO project is directed by experts of communication and new media who have many years of experience in the domain of video games and a strong aptitude for research and writing.

IVIPRO is supported by IIDEA, the Italian Interactive Digital Entertainment Association, and by the Italian Film Commissions association. The mapping is fostered by a collaboration with the Film Commissions, local and cultural institutions, research centers and museums. See our partners.


Andrea Dresseno

Board members

Tommaso Moscati

Enzo D’Armenio

Collaborators | Research and database

Daniele Barresi
Stefano Caselli
Alberto Cristofaro
Matteo Cutrì
Giovanni Pollicino
Simone Alvaro Segatori
Sofia Abatangelo
Katalin Negretti
Corrado Montagnoli
Enrico Spadavecchia

Web design & software

Indici Opponibili

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