IVIPRO DAYS. Video games. Heritage. Tourism.

IVIPRO DAYS is our annual event dedicated to exploring the role and potential of the video game as a tool for promoting the territory and heritage. On 23rd November 2018, the first “Video games, territory and heritage” seminar took place in Bologna. Again, on 14th and 15th September 2019, IVIPRO DAYS hosted in-depth informative meetings, featuring Italian and international guests. At the charming Castello Estense of Ferrara, 23 experts and scholars, developers and game designers, as well as cultural institutions that had been working with video games, shared case studies and concrete experiences with the audience.

IVIPRO DAYS’ lectures and panels – held in Italian and English – are aimed at museums, students, local authorities, cultural institutions, associations and developers interested in exploring the opportunities connected to the use of video games as cultural and promotional tools. Admission to IVIPRO DAYS is always free.


2018 EDITION (Bologna | November 23, 2018)

2019 EDITION (Ferrara | September 14-15, 2019)

2020 EDITION (Online Edition | September 24-27, 2020)