Searching for the truth: a video game about Narni

IVIPRO planned a first visit to some places in the Region of Umbria last august. Narni was one of the charming towns in the list: Narni Underground is a place full of history and mystery, the perfect scenario for a videogame.

“That breach under the stairs of St. Bernardo’s Church, that’s what ignited our curiousity: it was like a time portal, which drove us by magic to a new, albeit ancient and mysteryous, dimension. That angel on the opposite wall – illuminated by our Wonders, for the first time after years of oblivion -, extending a hand with a globe in it… we took it as a sign of fate (frome the preface of  the book Alla ricerca della verità by Roberto Nini, Thyrus Eds.). Read the article (in Italian).