International Game Camp 2017: videogames meet cultural heritage

The International Game Camp (IGC) is a 48 hours event of game’s cocreation placed in Milan and in Toronto that merge two communities of developers and professionals inspired by cultural contents shared by istitutions or in creative common.

Partecipants will work with professionals from the game and the cultural heritage industry. They will receive exclusive materials from over 30 museums and have the chance to express their work in front of experts from game dev and smart cultural heritage. A place where videogames and heritage are able to work together without filters or stereotypes.
IGC’s objective is to explore and create new scenarios and attitudes to create new values for both sides. Learn new skills and techniques from veterans of the game industry. Understand with heritage’s professionals how the cultural scenario is changing and how the videogame medium will be useful for smart heritage solutions.

IGC is promoted by Streamcolors and Bookrepublic, in collaboration with more than 30 Italian museums, IED MilanoPolitecnico di MilanoGeorge Brown College (Toronto) and IVIPRO; with the support of AESVI, the Italian game industry association. The event is sponsored by Fondazione Cariplo.

IVIPRO will attend both the camp and the kick-off interactive lecture (20 September).

More info: official website.